Individual visits and groups of up to 10 people – Oenological visit


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You have chosen the Oenological tour. On this tour, you can visit and get to know some of the most important places of the Achaia Clauss Wine Castle and discover its secrets. First, there is the possibility to see our Vineyards, which produce our famous Mavrodafni. You will visit our Winery and learn how our wines are produced. You will also visit our Treasure Winery, where we preserve our premium wines. Do not miss the opportunity to visit the Imperial Cellar, where we keep our oldest barrels full of Mavrodafni. You will continue the tour in Cellar No. 9, the exhibition “Varelatiko”, and in the Office of Gustav Clauss, where you will see barrels dedicated to particular people. You will learn about the art of the barrel maker and the history of the barrels. Finally, you will return to our Cava, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy our selected fine wines.